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Historic Cafes Route

Over time, the pulse of every country, the heart of every city “beats” in the Historic Cafes, which reflect the local identity and individual and collective tradition. The best thing to do to get to know a destination, is to visit one of its Historic Cafes. For it is there life “happens”, it is there you grasp the day-to-day reality of different peoples. The manners, the customs and the traditions of a country are reflected in the Cafes, which become daily carriers of exchanges and contacts.

Historic Cafes, being dynamic loci for the European spirit, continue to function as cradles of culture, promoting culture in all fields. They are dynamic spaces of development, spaces of inspiration, spaces of intense and constructive discussions. There, Art, Traditions, but also the Ideas of each new era find the ideal refuge, the perfect destination.

Being a strong link between the past and the future of culture, Historic Cafes constitute today a connecting channel that transcends states, nations, ideologies, or identities. They are supranational meeting points and universal destinations that promote democracy, tolerance, diversity, non-uniformity, distinctness, innovation. The ideas of the European Enlightenment, updated and always timeless, are inherent in Historical Cafes that offer their guests a piece of tradition, along with a piece of the future.

The “Historic Cafes Route” is an innovative thematic Route involving the following 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey. The term “Route” (‘Dromos” in Greek) narrates, in an interactive manner, the flowering, mainly of the European culture through the Cafes, highlighting the peculiarities and the unique characteristics of each one of them.

Welcome to our journey!

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