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HCR team in Lisbon and Coimbra

On the occasion of the co-organization of HCR with the Portuguese Association of Historic Cafés and the Café Santa Cruz of the Conference "Historic Cafes: A Meeting of Ideas", in…
Lisbon, Portugal

Let’ have a look at the kitchen!

In addition to the Coffee house and the pastry service, Café Pastelaria Benard established in 1868 also works as a restaurant. The lunch and dinner menu includes typical Portuguese cuisine…
"Portuguese Historic Cafés Association"

Update: 38 Historic Cafés of Portugal joined HCR

Historic Cafes Route welcomes the “Rota dos Cafés com História de Portugal”, the Portuguese Historic Cafés Association (est 2014) counting 38 (in total) emblematic Cafés. Vitor de Sá Marques, President of…
Lisbon, Portugal


Member of HCR Coming from a family of French bakers and canners, Elie Benard settled in Lisbon with his parents and siblings, in the mid-19th century, and on Rua do Loreto, he opened a Café - Bakery Franceza, inaugurated on 6 September 1868. It was here that “the Lisbon public” found “excellent fine bread” and…
Lisbon, Portugal


Member of HCR Confeitaria Nacional is one of the most known Portuguese Cafés in Lisbon. Founded in 1829 by Balthazar Roiz Castanheiro, it has been a family business for 5 generations. The Café was inaugurated during the Civil War between the Liberals and the Absolutists, and it became the favorite Café of the aristocrats…
Guimaraes, Portugal

CAFE MILENARIO (est. 1953)

Member of HCR Café Milenário was opened in November 1953, the year in which the city of Guimarães celebrated 1000 years of existence, hence the name Milenário. Its historic town centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, in recognition for being an “exceptionally well-preserved and authentic example of the evolution…
Braga, Portugal


Member of HCR The Café A Brasileira (The Brazilian Cafe) is a café situated along the Largo Barão de São Martinho, in the civil parish of Braga, in the historic Portuguese municipality of the same name. The Café first opened on 17 March 1907, a franchise of the already existing Cafés named the Brazilian by…
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