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Pastelaria Gomes (est. 1925)

Vila Real, Portugal

The Historic Pastelaria Gomes is one of the most famous Cafes in Portugal. Indeed, the building in which the Cafe is located is architecturally identical to the historic buildings of the city.

The Cafe is famous for its savory and sweet delicacies, which are still made based on traditional recipes. The most famous treat of the Cafe is the Covilhete is a type of puff pastry. Also, Tocinho-do-Céu and Cristas or Velvet Pudding are well known.

According to the owners, the recipes are a secret that goes from generation to generation, starting with Manuel dos Santos Gomes, who created the Cafe in 1925.

Today, Pastelaria Gomes is every day full with visitors, Portuguese and tourists who enjoy the architecture of the Cafe, the unique decoration (the furniture has been preserved for almost 100 years!) and a cup of coffee with its accompaniments.

At the Cafe, there is also a bust of the founder. However, if the bust is of Manuel Santos Gomes, it was his wife (Maria Conceição de Sousa Magalhães Gomes) who reinvented the confectionary. For example, the famous Covilhetes mentioned above are richer because of the puff pastry introduced by her.


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