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Online Elections and new Board of Directors

Historic Cafés Route

On Monday 5/12/2022, were completed the procedures described by the Historic Cafés Route Statutes referring at the convening of the General Assembly (Article 9) , the election of the new Board of Directors (Article 10) and the election of the Audit Committee (Article 11).

Following the convening of the General Assembly on Monday 28/11/2022 – with a full quorum of more than 2/3 of the members – and within the time limit for the convening of the new Board of Directors (article 10.4) as provided by the Statutes, its first meeting was held on Monday 5/12/2022 to constitute the Board of Directors.

Following the elections of the 28 November, for the new Board of Directors were elected (in order of votes):

  • Delithanassis Alexandros (Italy)
  • Kolos Stagetorn Marianne (Denmark)
  • Drakou Aggeliki (Greece)
  • Antoniou Giannis (Greece)
  • Katsikeros Paris (Greece)
  • Kondoleon Dimitris (Greece) and
  • Palazis Tassos (Greece)

Following the procedure provided by the Statutes, the Board of Directors of the Historic Cafés Route is formed as follows by unanimous decision:

  • Drakou Aggeliki – HCR President
  • Delithanassis Alexandros – HCR Vice President
  • Kondoleon Dimitris – HCR Secretary
  • Palazis Tassos – HCR Treasurer

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Kolos Stagetorn Marianne
  • Antoniou Giannis
  • Katsikeros Paris

Election of the three-member Audit Committee:

  • Vitor Marques (Portugal)
  • Edoardo Cavagnino (Italy)
  • Christos Βantias (Greece)

The new Board of Directors also confirmed a number of decisions of the General Assembly.

Among them, and in accordance with article 10.10 of the Articles of Association, the title of “Honorary President” was unanimously awarded to the founder and former president of the Historical Cafés Route, Vasilis Stathakis.

The new Board of Directors also reaffirmed its support to the current Route Manager, George Loverdos and the current Communication Manager, Maria Mystakidou.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors was set for January 16, 2023.

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