The main characteristics that a Café – member of the Cultural Route “Historic Cafes Route” should have are the following:

  • To be a Legal Entity, with a valid operating license as a Café.
  • To have a historic identity and have been operating for at least 100 years without altering their original characteristics/ To retain part of the original decoration (furniture, decorations, etc.) / To be located in historic buildings with a special architectural heritage / To be located in an area characterized by UNESCO.
  • To host important personalities of Letters, Arts and Politics / To be characterized as “literary” and/or “artistic” Café.
  • To constantly organize cultural events (literary, theatrical, gastronomic, artistic, musical, etc.).
  • To always protect and promote the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of the Café and the invaluable wealth of knowledge that Historic Cafes carry.

It is also desirable to:

  • To promote nationally and/or internationally “signature products”, which reflect the culture of the specific Café and the local tradition.
  • To vent nationally and/or internationally memorabilia.

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