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Meet the 8 candidates for the HCR Board of Directors

Elections 2024

Eight representatives of the HCR, all of them owners/managers of emblematic Historic Cafés are the candidates for the Board of Directors.

Marianne Stagetorn Kolos, owner of Conditori La Glace in Copenhagen, Denmark, a café and cake palace that dates back to 1870. You can read Marianne’s vision for HCR here

Dimitris Contoleon is the owner of the Historic Café “Astikon” in Kythera, Greece. You can read Dimitri’s vision for HCR here

Arnold Klingeis is the manager of the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, Romania. He is also the HCR ambassador for Romania. You can read Arnold’s vision for HCR here

Vítor de Sá Marques is the owner of the Café Santa Cruz, Coimbra. He is also the Ambassador of HCR in Portugal and President of the Portuguese Historic Cafes Association. You can read Vitor’s vision for HCR here

Jorge Martínez, is the co-owner of the only Historical Café in Asturias, Spain, the Dindurra. You can read Jorge’s vision for HCR here

Alexandros Delithanassis is the owner of the Historic Café – Bookstore Antico Caffé San Marco in Trieste, Italy. You can read Alexandro’s vision for HCR here

Edoardo Cavagnino is the owner of the Caffè Gelateria Pepino in Torino, Italy. You can read Edoardo’s vision for HCR here

Edith Olosz is the manager of CH9 Specialty Coffee in Brasov, Romania. You can read Edith’s vision for HCR here

Date and links

  • The annual General Assembly and Elections of all HCR members will be held on March 2024 via teleconference following the decision of the majority of the current Board of Directors of the Historic Cafés Route. The dates will follow in due time.
  • Links for both events will follow to the members due time. Please note that the links are personal, cannot be assigned to another person, and will only be valid for specific days and times.
  • All HCR members are kindly invited to be present and active both at the HCR Annual General Assembly, as well as at the Elections.


Members who will be unable to attend due to health or hardship may, following the statute, authorize in writing another party to represent them.

General Assembly and Election of the New Board of Directors

  • During the General Assembly, any candidates for the next Board of Directors who wish to speak will be invited to take the floor (up to 5 mins).
  • Also, HCR members who wish to speak may do so (up to 3 mins).
  • The duration of the General Assembly was set for 3 hours.


According to HCR legal statute,

  • Each member will vote for up to seven (7) candidates for the Board of Directors.
  • It is noted that the term of office of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee ( A.C. Elections will follow), following HCR legal statute, is five years.

Official Language

The official language for the Annual Assembly and General Elections is ENGLISH. Members who wish to have translation should provide their translator.

Annual 2023 membership fee

Finally, we kindly ask all members who haven’t pay until now the annual membership fee for 2023 to proceed and do so by the end of the month, to be legitimate to take part in the GA and elections.




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