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Historic Cafes In Europe

Historic Cafes Route

Coffee culture is essentially a European phenomenon, closely linked to the history, the evolution and the culture of Europe itself. In other words, by exploring the history and culture of Historic Cafes, we are exploring the history and culture of Europe.

Such culture presents a variety of local and other types of peculiarities, arising from the historical and cultural conditions of each place. Thus, through the Historic Cafes, important issues such as cultural diversity and respect for diversity are strengthened, promoted and highlighted.

Historic Cafes also contributed to shaping a culture of equal sociability between men and women, individuals of all social classes and backgrounds, allowing issues such as equality, equal participation and overcoming all forms of discrimination and exclusion to be approached. Some Cafes in many countries are closely linked to the history of specific ethnic groups, minorities or immigrants / refugees. The influence of the Jews on Coffee culture in the Hapsburg Empire and subsequent nation-states, represents a prime example.

Lastly, the connection of some Cafes with political and social struggles to safeguard democracy is also worth noting.


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