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Edith Olosz – HCR candidacy for BoD

2024 HCR Elections
  • HCR publishes the nominations for the 2024 election’s Board of Directors in the order in which the candidacy letter arrived in the official email of the Route.
  • The candidates with a short text present their views, ideas and strategy.

Dear HCR members,

Dear friends,

My name is Edith Olosz and I am a HCR member in Romania.

I am a candidate for the Board of Directors, for the HCR elections to be held March 2nd.

I worked as a CEO in a german factory for 20 years, now I am managing the company of the Black Church in Brasov, under the brand INSPIRATIO. We have a Café –CH9 Specialty Coffee-, a giftshop, an Art Gallery and we manage the touristical and cultural activity of the church.

During 24 years of experience I gained valuable experience to guide and support HCR to economic sustainability and viability and will contribute to the implementation of the Cultural Routes vision and mission statement regarding travel on HCR travel programs.

My vision for the Historic Cafes Route developed together with Mr. Arnold Klingeis is concrete and spreads to 5 main pillars:

– the promotion of the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of the Historic Cafes, through joint events and joint publications

– the promotion of cultural tourism, through the creation of alternative cultural touristic programs

– the promotion of Historic Cafes to the youth and local communities through publications and special events

– the cooperation with other Cultural Routes Certified by the Council of Europe, as well as the cooperation with local and national bodies.

– to develop a coffee quality trademark on HCR for sustainable coffee producers and design travel programs to coffee producing countries to promote ECO-friendly and sustainable tourism to some of the poorest countries in the world, were coffee is produced.

Already, the Historic Cafes Route has created important Cooperation Agreements with other Cultural Routes Certified by the Council of Europe. What we need to do is to give an important follow-up to this first steps. This will strengthen HCR collaboration and bring more members and partners to our Route.

Our HCR Romania team has designed a cultural tourism product, the travel offer was launched internationally on 17 January 2024 at Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, please see the live-stream link on HCR Facebook, that concerns Romania as winter destination and promotes the Culture of Historic Cafes, as well as the most important cultural reference points of the country. This product should be gradually extended to every country that has Historic Cafes as members and other Cultural Routes members, willing to be promoted within HCR travel programs. This will generate money to cover operational costs of our route and will give HCR a concrete future by implementing the vision and mission statement “Cultural Routes FOR Cultural Tourism”designed by the Council of Europe, at Sibiu International CR Forum in 2019.

Of course, we must not forget the protection and promotion of cultural heritage, tangible and intangible. We should present this “living” heritage in print, publications, and common, glamorous significant events.

The participation of the Historic Cafes Route in exhibitions, Conferences, and seminars is also important. Historic Cafes Route should be present and active.

My dear friends and colleagues,

We are all related to emblematic Historic Cafes and we know the treasure that our establishments hold, so we need to join forces to become a strong and very successful route of the Council of Europe as we represent direct with the nature of our members the infrastructure (cafes, restaurants, hotels) to implement the amazing vision for the Cultural Routes.

Having studied the conditions of the Council of Europe regarding the certified Routes and aiming at a high-level development of the “Historic Cafes Route”, I invite you to honor me with your vote in the elections of March 2.

I will invite you soon to form together the team for the Board of Directors as well as the technical team for the next 5 years of Historic Cafes Route future!

Thank you very much!

Best regards from Romania,

Edith Olosz

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