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Pisa, Italy

Caffè dell’ Ussero is a monument of the Italian culture of the fifteenth century.

The Café was founded on 1rt of September 1775, prompting the realization of the vision of Cosimo Agostini Venerosi della Seta who would like to build a free country. In this Historic Cafe, important events take place, and it has been a meeting place for academics since the 17th century.

The Historic Caffè dell’Ussero, in 1839, hosted the meetings of the first Italian Congress of Scientists.

The walls of the Cafe are full of photos from his glorious past and famous guests: Filippo Mazzei, Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, Antonio Guadagnoli, Giuseppe Giusti, Renato Fucini, Enrico Panzacchi, Carducci, Cesare Abba, Giuseppe Montanelli, Alessandro D’Ancona , Bino Sanminiatelli and many others like Paolo Mascagni, Charles Didier, Giovanni Battista Niccolini, Pietro Bastogi, Carlo Bombrini, Pietro Gori, Enrico Ferri, Giovanni Gen, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Giuseppe Lipparini, Luigi Puccianti, Titta Ruffo, Kurtz Malaparte, Ezra Pound, Giovanni Gronchi, Mario Tobias, Mario Praz, Giovanni Spadolini, Enzo Carli, Indro Montanelli, Tiziano Terzani, Renata TEBALDI, Luigi Commentsini, Arnoldo Foa, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Antonio Tabucchi, Romano Battaglia.

It’s worth mentioning that the name of this Historic Cafe even refers to written texts (a lease) of 1799!


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