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Café Vianna (est. 1871)

Braga, Portugal

Café Vianna is one of the most emblematic Portugese Cafes. It is located in the Arcada building in the Praca da Republica and opened in 1871. The meeting point of the City was – and still is- Café Vianna. Lots of people of the letters and the arts are regulars at the Café. Also, students and tourists love to take their coffee break at this emblematic Café.

Not only due to its location and its importance in the social and economic life of the people of Braga, the Café Vianna is one of the most emblematic Portuguese Cafés. It is located in the Arcada building in the Praça da República, and opened in 1871, run by Manuel José da Costa Vianna. And when it is stated that it was important economically, this is based on a fact: in 1921, immediately after the First World War, there was no small change in Braga. The Café Vianna supplied slips of paper which people could exchange for articles, for example, in the grocery store. This might have been also done by other establishments of the kind, but in its official History page, this is one of the most highlighted memories.

It would, however, be impossible not to search for the ironic memories of Eça de Queirós or Camilo Castelo Branco, who addressed their own writings and political and social issues from the Café Vianna, considered as a café in which to meet. Braga may have had many entrances, but the meeting point, even for those who do not know it, became the Vianna and then destiny has taken care of the rest, in the centre of the city, under the eye of tourists and students who almost completely fill its esplanade under the arcade.

High ceiling, broad windows, large mirrors… just like some of the cafés described in the Route. Camilo Castelo Branco went to the Vianna on Tuesdays, the day of the Livestock Fair. As for his coffee, Camilo took it “very strong”.

In 1936, the Vianna was where the newspaper “O Primeiro de Janeiro (The First of January)” was launched, and during the 1930s it was the stage for intellectual fights and actions against the Estado Novo.

It underwent renovation works in the 1980s, after years of neglect. Indeed, it was a fateful decade for almost all the Historical Cafés.

The same happened to the Vianna. It currently belongs to three partners: Artur Pereira, Maria Torres and Manuel Travessa.

As for specialties, the Café Vianna possesses everything a Café should have… in the image that it has always had.


Café Vianna
Praca da Republica,
4710-305 Braga, Portugal
Tel: +351 253 262 336

Facebook: CafeVianna 

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