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Café Aviz (est. 1947)

Porto, Portugal

With its crystal chandelier and bronze sculpture, the Aviz Tea Room was born in 1947 right in the Downtown of the city of Porto. This was the period immediately following the Second World War. Then in the 1960s and 1970s, the Café Aviz became one of the reference cafés for university students, helped by the poolroom that is now located on the lower floor, and this can be seen by plaques on the wall from various university courses. This reference was kept until the 1990s where there was a natural falloff, along with the general running down of the Downtown due to the outlying shopping centers.

At the start of the 21st century and with the growth in tourism in the city of Porto, this gave rise to a new “Movida” in the nightlife of the city, and so the Café Aviz took on a new life, now mainly as a restaurant, but keeping some of the characteristics which had given it its fame.

The Aviz Tea Room, like many of the cafés born after the Second World War, had a permanent shoeshiner, who was kept until the end of the 1990s. In the case of the Aviz, this was the popular Sr. Adriano who, besides taking care of the shoes of lawyers, doctors, bankers etc., also lent daily newspapers and sports papers to the cafe’s customers.

Downtown, among the five-star hotels and books, between the kiosks and commercial trade, the Café Aviz has renovated itself, while always maintaining its healthy historical stature.


Café Aviz

Rua de Avis, 17 a 33,
4050-075 Porto
Tel : +351 22 200 4575
Facebook: Café-Aviz

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